Customer Experience

Enhancing consumer experience or Customer Experience, CX as we all know it has taken centre-stage as the biggest differentiator for growth and retention. Any organization worth its salt wants to provide a connected customer experience. It is easier said than done. It involves multiple challenges internally and externally, and requires senior management alignment, commitment and oversight for it to have a chance for success. 

A great CX is the only way to build brand loyalty in the future.
Brand loyalty is dead. Long live brand loyalty! Over the last couple of decades many pundits have forecast...
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The Next Act for CMOs
I have been reading with great interest about how the role of the CMO is changing and evolving. The base...
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creativity leads tech
Leading with creativity, not technology
The idea of leading with creativity and not technology coming from a professional who is offering Martech...
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inside the consumers mind cxmlab
Inside the Indian Consumer’s Mind – How will purchase behaviour shape-up in a post-COVID world
These are unprecedented times as billions around the world are staying in, and as a result, markets and...
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The science behind the art at Netflix
I am sure the lock-down has given us enough time to catch-up or binge watch on Netflix (well, at least...
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MX Report 2020
Marketing Experience(MX)- The next competitive battleground for brands
Today, all products are conversations. Be it product-driven brands or service-driven brands, they are...
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