The key is to align business metrics with MarTech goals

Martech and technology trends are driving a lot of marketing conversations. Technology transformation, enterprise digital transformation, automation, hyper-automation are buzz words. With thousands of marketing technologies available today, organizations are also debating on how they can drive personalization, hyper-personalization at scale to drive business growth while delivering a great customer experience. 

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Why digital transformations are so difficult?
At any of the Summits one goes to these days there are innumerable presentations on digital transformations...
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10 Technology trends in 2020 cxmlab
10 Technology Trends in 2020
Technology and transformation now go hand in hand. The words have become synonymous and are used interchangeably. ...
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10 mobile trends in 2020
10 Mobile trends for 2020
The total number of mobile subscribers in India currently are 1.2 billion according to TRAI. This is...
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Living on the Edge (Computing): What is it all about?
Well, we have come to the ‘edge’ of 2019, let me now try and show you what the future looks like. Welcome...
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Remove the cobwebs. Add the cloud. The marketing cloud.
The job in marketing today is all about culling out insights from vast amounts of customer data, creating...
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Why do Marketers need to keep pace with tectonic shifts in technology?
Technology has successfully transported us to Mars. ‘Perseverance’ pays off and no pun intended. SpaceX...
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The Digital Identity Crisis!
I have encountered numerous instances where people face an identity crisis, but in the last few months...
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MMA & Hansa Cequity Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity
Technology is today forcing organizations to rethink their business models, organization structures,...
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google online privacy cxmlab
Google – Taking online privacy head-on
Users are demanding greater privacy, transparency, choice and control over how their data is used or...
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Future of connected living – An interesting report
Connected strategies are going to be the norm moving forward. Technology professionals are taking rapid...
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