Behavioural Economics
The new-age discipline to
create business value

Behavioural economics or behavioural sciences today are taking centre-stage. There is global acceptance of the role played by it in purchase behaviour, consumer decision factors, purchase decision, consumer psychology for product purchase. The integration of data sciences and behavioural sciences is the way forward and differentiated approaches including those for influencer marketing strategies need to be though through by organizations. 

cognitive bias cxmlab
Cognitive Biases: The riddle of irrational decisions
We make decisions all the time and we almost always believe that we are making rational and thought-through...
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BE principles new cxmlab
Guiding principles of Behavioural Economics
Very early on in my advertising career I had realised that what people say and what they do are not always...
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KYC cxmlab
The role of Behavioural Economics in Marketing
I have been a Behavioural Economics enthusiast for a few years now. I have watched with great curiosity...
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Behavioural Economics
Why Behavioural Economics is important?
Behavioural Economics has been around for some time. People like Richard Thaler, Robert Shiller, Trversky,...
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The behavioural science of online harm and manipulation and what to do about it
I came across this exhaustive paper by Elisabeth Costa and David Halpem from the Behavioural Insights...
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Who gets influenced by Influencer Marketing?
Influencers hold significant power over their audiences. They authentically and originally demonstrate...
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Successful application of Behavioural Insights by the Government of India
I am glad that the Government of India has embarked on its journey to use Behavioural Economics. Countries...
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