Change Management

Managing change in these fast and dramatically evolving times is a huge challenge for any organization. Change management is now a continuous need and each organization must have a change management strategy and process. At the leadership level aligning people and the organization are key, and at the operational level the importance of technology and automation in business and business processes cannot be stressed upon enough. 

Building humanity into Generative AI
Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact...
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The Next Act for CMOs
I have been reading with great interest about how the role of the CMO is changing and evolving. The base...
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The New Abnormal - Dynamic Strategy Planning
The new normal is passe. We are today living a life we never imagined 16 months back. No doubt every...
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The change makers in a game-changing 2021
There are too many articles and too many people talking about the top trends in marketing, technology,...
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Lessons in leadership
Management lessons in leadership from the US Presidential elections
We all know that for an inquisitive mind, leadership lessons can be learnt from anyone and in the most...
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creativity leads tech
Leading with creativity, not technology
The idea of leading with creativity and not technology coming from a professional who is offering Martech...
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