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MMA & Hansa Cequity Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity

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Technology is today forcing organisations to rethink their business models, organisation structures, processes and the Marketing function is no different. Undoubtedly, modern marketing leaders must rewire themselves to a new way of thinking. Headwinds over the last one year have fast-tracked and ensured that the next battle ground for the modern marketer is about customer-first, data-driven brand and experience management.
One of the key enablers of this approach will be Marketing Technology. Global technology
companies have been at the forefront of driving innovation and upping the game in the
context of enabling omni-channel, hyper personalized, hyper localised, real-time customer
connect. All this to drive sales and customer experience. The challenge is huge. The modern marketer is under tremendous pressure to demonstrate a great understanding of the customer and deliver Marketing ROI. Getting the MarTech stack right is strategic to business success. With a plethora of tools available, how does one embark on this journey or course correct or stay ahead of the curve? There are no easy answers.
The Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity is an insight packed, action-based playbook. It is based on more than 14 years of experience that Hansa Cequity has in the real world of helping large organisations across industries build a data driven marketing practice and implementing large MarTech projects for conglomerates, large organisations and digitalfirst brands. The Guide also takes into account the current state of MarTech in India through an extensive survey conducted in the months of April and May 2021.
MarTech projects are difficult to execute, they require absolute clarity in what is being
attempted to accomplish, need CXO commitment and a collaborative mindset to succeed.
It is also about building an organisational culture of experimentation and agile processes. The Modern Marketers Guide to Marketing Maturity not only highlights the framework required to evaluate the role of tools at different stages of evolution but also emphasises on the need to get the business strategy and organizational alignment right for success. It also suggests governance mechanisms that need to be put in place to ensure continued success. Some of the best minds at Hansa Cequity and the MMA MarTech Council have actively contributed to put this playbook together. I am sure you will find a lot of answers and practical solutions that you are looking for in this Guide.
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